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Our programmes give you everything you need to drive high performance in your sales teams. Whether you’re looking for an individual course or a full-scale system, we have it all. You’ll be able to create effective plans and strategies, access powerful tools and techniques to improve your selling efficiency, and gain insights into the ever-changing sales landscape.

With our sales management courses, you can become more competent and confident in decision-making, and create long-term success when it comes to managing your sales team. Let us help you achieve greater sales success – get started with us today!



The SalesGuru Management & Coaching System

The SalesGuru Management & Coaching System

Our Gold standard for all Sales Managers and Leaders with proven results! An end to end Sales management framework, system and complete toolkit for ongoing high performance sales team results. Our clients have huge increases in their sales team results through this program. Duration specific to each companies unique situation!
Sales Management Essentials

Sales Management Essentials

In this training program, we will teach the proven, non-negotiable essentials of what Sales Mangers do for a high-performance team. The level of a sales teams ongoing results are determined by how strong the Sales Management foundation is. Duration: 2 Days
Sales Management Coaching

Sales Management Coaching

The holy grail of every great manager is their ability to coach effectively. Equip your sales managers with the coaching confidence, competence, templates and toolkit they need to maximize their teams' sales performance. Duration 2 days
Coach the Coach (One on One)

Coach the Coach (One on One)

Coaching will change how sales managers and salespeople work together and empowers all to leverage their true potential. Duration: Estimated 2 Days



The process kicks off with a discovery meeting to unpack the client’s business and needs and how SalesGuru can help them be better off.

The account manager meets with the client to understand the current situation, including the size of the team, products and services provided, the industry operated within, the sales cycle, achievement against a target, areas of concern, potential areas of development, challenges, and strengths. 

The purpose of the discovery meeting is to qualify or disqualify the SalesGuru Content against the opportunities for an upgrade of the current mindset, activity and skills of the team in order to make a content recommendation. 


The information from the discovery meeting is unpacked by the SalesGuru account manager and trainer to build a training proposal.

The training journey takes into consideration all elements discussed in the discovery meeting and insight from the trainer to deliver the best solution for the needs shared.

The proposal will include client objectives and outcomes to be achieved, course content, a breakdown of the training journey from start to end, as well as the finer details such as the number of training days required, and costings.


After presentation of the proposal, any necessary amendments are made, the approved project is submitted for signatures and the project planning begins.

Here the client and the SalesGuru account manager will plan and confirm training days, the flow of training, the regularity of training sessions and confirm all admin around the booking.

Delegates will be identified, as well as the channels and types of communication to the delegates in the lead-up to the training and during the project.


During this process, the trainer is fully briefed on all nuances of the client, based on the initial discussion and the contents of the proposal.

The actual training content is then further designed to align with the client’s specific industry, products and services, and any other internal requirements that may have been identified in the discovery process or the follow-up proposal approval.

This ensures the training programme is tailor-made to each and every client, and addresses all nuances, with a clear solution-oriented outcome.


The training programme follows the plan as set out in the proposal.

Training either takes place in a face-to-face environment, at an agreed-on location, or virtually, with a live facilitator on the other end.

All training sessions are interactive and include discussions and input to scripts prepared by the trainer for role-play and intensive role-play scenarios.

A core element of all SalesGuru training and coaching is ensuring the training is implemented into daily practices.

Implementation recommendations and accountability agreements are shared with groups and leadership during training. Scripts are amended as required to be shared with the delegates.


Post-training, the trainer will provide a trainer’s debrief, and delegates will prove feedback which will be collated and presented to the client.

The trainer’s debrief will include implementation recommendations and the next steps.

This provides both SalesGuru and the client the evidence to evaluate and assess any additional needs, as well as identify potential delegates and/or managers that require further training or coaching.

Why Choose SalesGuru for your Sales Management Training?

Welcome to sales management mastery
Our comprehensive sales management training programmes have been designed to empower sales leaders. Backed by years of expertise, we have consistently achieved remarkable results in transforming sales managers into visionary leaders, thereby maximising the capabilities of their sales teams.

Transform your sales strategy
From lead generation to closing deals, ensure your managers are equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to drive revenue growth, foster long-lasting customer relationships and secure repeat business, ultimately leading to sustained success in a competitive market.

Crafted for success
Our training programs have been carefully crafted by industry experts to address the unique challenges encountered by sales managers. Every component of the curriculum is customised to enhance efficiency and achieve tangible outcomes, preparing your team for success right from the start.

Empower your managers
Develop leadership abilities, improve communication and cultivate a sense of responsibility and accountability within your sales team. Creating a dynamic atmosphere where each member is encouraged to thrive and play a part in the team’s achievements will promote a culture of excellence.

Maximise sales efficiency
Streamline processes, optimise workflows and leverage technology to boost productivity and drive results. This will enable your sales team to focus their efforts on building meaningful connections and closing deals, resulting in greater effectiveness and profitability.

Customised solutions for your team
Customised training programs guarantee that the content is relevant and applicable to the specific goals and industry trends of your business. A personalised learning journey addresses the challenges and opportunities unique to your organisation, leading to a significant impact and return on investment.

Interactive learning experience
Join interactive workshops, analyse case studies and participate in role-playing exercises to enhance practical skills. Active involvement will lead to a deeper understanding, resulting in improved performance on the sales floor and encouraging continuous learning and growth.

Measurable impact, tangible results
Our training program offers performance metrics that allow you to track progress and evaluate ROI. These metrics provide tangible proof of the positive impact on your sales team’s performance and bottom line, giving you the assurance that your investment is yielding actual results.

Continuous support and guidance
Our team of professionals offers continuous support and guidance outside of the classroom to strengthen learning and maintain progress. This ensures that your sales managers receive the necessary resources as they need them to tackle obstacles and advance in their professional growth journey, ultimately promoting sustained success and development.

Stay ahead of the curve
Provide your sales managers with the most up-to-date strategies and best practices to remain competitive in the current dynamic market environment, enabling them to predict market changes, adjust to evolving customer demands and seize emerging opportunities in a proactive manner.

Invest in success
Transform your sales team from average to exceptional with our effective sales management training solutions. By unlocking their complete potential, we will position your organisation for unmatched growth and prosperity in the marketplace. This investment in the future success and sustainability of your business will undoubtedly yield remarkable results.

Unlock the potential of your team
Invest in your team’s development and experience a significant increase in sales performance and revenue generation, empowering your sales team to become a key factor in your company’s success, opening doors to fresh possibilities and reaching unprecedented levels of achievement.

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