We only have one objective, to help you achieve yours!

Since 2006 SalesGuru has been helping sales teams, managers, leaders and companies achieve greater sales success.

Our journey began with the launch of SalesGuru magazine. Over eight years we interviewed numerous top sales performers, sales leaders, authors and experts on what really works to drive sales success. The monthly magazine grew to over 14000 subscribers and was packed with easy to read sales tips and insights across multiple industries.

Following the success of SalesGuru magazine, we launched SalesGuru Live events in 2008, bringing the best local and international sales speakers to our audiences. They soon became – and still are – the biggest supported live sales events in South Africa. SalesGuru CEO Mark Keating speaks at sales conferences both locally and abroad across a wide range of sales topics.

The biggest challenge for many of our clients still remained: how could they implement the theory and achieve sustainable results and ongoing sales success? In 2009, SalesGuru launched stand alone and customised sales training programs for sales teams, sales management, leadership, as well as management coaching to equip leaders with the skills to drive high performance in their sales teams. Our frameworks are designed to ensure personal commitment and accountability, so that the training can be practically implemented and measured.

To date, SalesGuru has worked with over 110 000 salespeople at 2300 companies in 39 countries to accomplish greater sales mindset’s, skills, activity, accountability, results and high performance sales teams.

Our client testimonials are our greatest compliments and offer proof of our value to the sales industry.