Karen Poley

Don’t trust words, trust actions. Actions speak louder than words.

My intention and outcome is to ensure sustainability and longevity for companies and their employees through the sales performance of their teams. My heart is for unemployment to be a thing of the past.”

This personal drive and commitment to self is evident in Karen’s desire to encourage positive change and to touch her audience both personally and professionally.

Her facilitation style is lively, engaging, and direct.

A contagious self-drive

  • Solid senior management experience, including experience working in JSE listed companies
  • Owned her own consultancy business with a singular focus on sales and sales performance
  • Over 23 years of hands-on sales and management experience across multiple industries
  • A degree in Human Resource Management
  • Qualifications in various sales, management, life coaching, counselling, and CRM courses

Loves: To laugh. To visit and experience new places and do things for the first time.
To grab opportunities. To do DIY around my house.

“As a single mother, I feel empowered and in return want to teach my daughters that they
can do anything they put their minds to.”

Pet peeve: People who don’t stop at stop signs but complain about corruption!

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