As CEO of SALESGURU for almost 2 decades, SA’s most successful sales training company that has helped thousands of businesses and sales people to increase their sales results. Mark Keating is a leading authority on sales and the #1 sales motivational speaker in South Africa.

It is now more apparent than ever that the number one reason why customers buy is the mindset and competence of the sales professional. Mark firmly believes there is a recipe for sales success that anyone can follow and his passion is sharing these “sales recipes” to continually elevate sales as the greatest career and inspiring sales people with ideas that actually work.

Some of
Mark’s clients include

Looking for a sales motivational speaker in South Africa?

Mark is your guy.

  • Proven track record having spoken in 26 countries across 4 continents at sales conferences of all sizes and industries.
  • He’s a master at developing the perfect keynote talk to align and deliver your core objectives to your audience.
  • He has over 26 years of proven sales experience, top performer achievements and results across multiple industries.
  • His talks are energetic, engaging, interactive and entertaining.
  • He is easy to work with and always delivers.
  • He has presented Sales Guru Live events for the past 14 years to over 30 000 salespeople.

Keynote 1

The DNA of a Sales Guru

In a challenging market place, the mindset, prospecting activity and sales skills of your sales team is often your biggest competitive advantage.

Mark draws on his personal sales experience of working with many industry top 1% sales performers and shares a proven recipe they follow to achieve amazing sales success. As a sales motivational speaker in South Africa, there is no one better.

Duration: 60 minutes

You will learn:

  • The DNA of sales superstars and recipe to sales success
  • What defines top a Sales Guru’s mindset and how to strengthen yours
  • How Sales Guru’s get inspired to achieve more than just the target
  • How to remove the sales victim card and excuses
  • A proven prospecting recipe used by Sales Guru’s on the phone and email
  • How not to suck at 1st sales appointments
  • A sales discovery meeting framework that qualifies and creates a buying discussion
  • The great questions Sales Guru’s prepare and ask to unlock sales opportunities
  • When and how to close – the magic non manipulative commitment questions

“Mark’s passionate and energetic presenting style always ignites our sales force to start taking action and changes behaviours for a better outcome”

Head of Sales, Liberty

“ I always say that I’m one of your biggest fans. You always nail it, never stale, always teaching and inspiring those around you.”

National group parts sales and marketing, Volkswagen Group South Africa

Keynote 2

Prospect like a Sales Guru

Daily prospecting and filling your sales pipeline is to sales what breathing is to life, without this, your sales business will die. Are your sales people in front of enough qualified prospects on a daily basis to ensure sales success? Mark believes that the real reason for limited prospecting results is that many  sales people have not been how to prospect effectively, in a way that will give them the confidence to do more. Mark shares what you need to say and write that reduces rejection, increases engagement and achieves a full diary of meetings. He also shares how to create a stream of ongoing quality referrals. In terms of prospecting, Mark is THE sales motivational speaker in South Africa.

Duration: 60 minutes

You will learn:

  • Why too many people suck at prospecting
  • That prospecting is the #1 skill to master in sales
  • What drives daily prospecting activity – it’s not what you think
  • How to fill your diary two weeks in advance and keep it full
  • Dealing with no’s and becoming rejection proof
  • A tone lesson you will never forget
  • The 3 top prospecting tools used by Sales Guru’s
  • Why “not interested” generally means you are not interesting enough
  • What to say and write to create interest and differentiates you from your competition
  • How to discuss the top 4 objections with confidence
  • How to create a personal prospecting plan with activity standards

Keynote 3

A Sales Guru’s mindset

All great sales success starts with the thoughts we feed our minds with, what we believe about ourselves and what we believe we can achieve.

Your thoughts drive your actions and actions drive your results! If you are looking to boost your sales results, start with developing a “success” mindset and winning attitude. Mark’s insights for shaping your sales mindset highlights why he is the number one sales motivational speaker in South Africa.

Duration: 60 minutes

You will learn:

  • Why sales is the greatest career in the world
  • How sales stars train their minds
  • How your choice of thoughts, beliefs and behaviours mirrors your results
  • Why your sales target is your job and not your goal
  • Why desire and drive is the starting point of sales success
  • How Sales Gurus create personal goals
  • How Sales Guru’s get inspired to achieve more than just the target
  • How to remove the sales victim card, limiting beliefs and excuses
  • The 4-step sales belief system that drives great sales results
  • The mindset of personal responsibility and accountability

“Once again Mark hit the nail on the head, with a motivational, focussed, and very engaging presentation to our Enterprise Sales Team at Sage. His knowledge and experience shines through and he spoke the language that resonated very well with the entire team.”

Vice President, SAGE

“You managed to deliver more intuitive sales advice than I have had in many days of ‘training’ during my 28 years at the Bank.”

Business Manager, Nedbank

Keynote 4

Sell and close like a Sales Guru

“My sales people are struggling to close business!” This continues to be one of the top challenges raised by both sales leaders and managers and from our extensive research, SALESGURU believes that the issue at hand is a not a closing problem, but rather an opening problem. Too many sales people are still preparing what they are going to say at sales discovery meetings and not what they are going to ask. In this talk Mark shares a proven questioning sales framework that Sales Guru’s use to create 2 way engagement, unlock opportunities and close more sales.

Duration: 60 minutes

For sales leaders and managers

You will learn:

  • It is not a closing problem, rather an opening problem
  • What goes wrong at too many sales discovery meetings
  • What your number one objectives should be at initial meetings
  • A sales discovery meeting framework that qualifies and creates a buying discussion
  • The real way to build rapport and trust
  • The power of an effective introduction that creates a buying discussion
  • The great questions Sales Guru’s prepare and ask to unlock sales opportunities
  • How to pre close before creating a proposal or quote
  • The structure of a 5 star presentation
  • When and how to close – the magic non manipulative commitment questions

Keynote 5

How to build a high-performance sales team

Sales leaders and managers are under constant pressure to achieve the sales number.

Yet you cannot manage a number, only the individual behaviours needed to ensure it happens. In this keynote, Mark shares the proven recipe that SalesGuru has implemented with sales managers at many companies to create and build high performance sales teams.

Duration: 60 minutes

You will learn:

  • The 2 key roles of every sales manager
  • How great sales managers run sales leagues and why they matter
  • What you need to learn from every team member and new hire – fast!
  • How a one on one sales pact discussion creates buy in, motivation, commitment and accountability
  • Why defining clear expectations from each sales person, yourself and the company really matter
  • What minimal acceptable standards are and how to create these
  • How each sales person in a high performance team has a personal game plan that they created with the sales manager
  • How top sales managers coach, how often and what is covered
  • How to have good, direct and constructive feedback discussions with all team members
  • What a  100% accountability and a zero excuse sales team culture looks like
  • How to move your weak performers up or out
  • How to recognise and reward great performance

Mark was fantastic and spoke to our sales managers at the end of our conference – a tough time when all are tired after a full day of meetings and discussions. He immediately raised the energy in the room, through his anecdotes and practical ideas. Mark’s content was spot on with real world information and ideas that our managers could take and use immediately for increased success in their departments.

National Fleet Sales Manager, General Motors South Africa


Keynote 6: Words, phrases and QUESTIONS that sell!

Keynote 7: How Sales Guru’s plan and execute for huge sales success

Keynote 8: How to get more referrals now!

Keynote 9: Creating a rejection proof mindset.

Keynote based on your needs and objectives. Delivered by the #1 sales motivational speaker in South Africa, Mark Keating.

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