Whether you are looking for a stand-alone, customised sales training solution or a complete end-to-end selling system, we can help.



Are you looking to sharpen your sales skills and skyrocket your success rate? Look no further than Sales Guru’s expertly crafted sales training programmes.

Our solutions are customisable, so whether you’re a veteran sales professional or brand new to the game, our tailored courses will give you the invaluable knowledge and confidence to close deals like never before.

Our programmes are designed around physical presence and virtual learning experiences – in-person workshops or online modules, with teacher-led seminars available remotely and classroom activities held in locations across the world. Sales Guru delivers dynamic, comprehensive training programmes that educate, empower and inspire sales staff at any level.

Through collaboration with different teams in businesses of all sizes, we curate individualised solutions that help build businesses up for long-term success. Developed by a team of veteran professionals with decades of real industry experience under their belt, our sales training courses delve deep into tools and strategies relevant to today’s ever-changing marketplaces.

Choose Sales Guru for skills updates and bespoke business sales solutions specifically tailored towards cultivating an unbeatable sales team; settle for nothing less than the absolute best!



The SalesGuru Selling System

The SalesGuru Selling System

If you want consistent high performance sales, then you need a high performance selling system! This program covers all the key areas needed to differentiate your sales team from your competitors with defined minimal acceptable standards.
The Mindset of a SalesGuru

The Mindset of a SalesGuru

Mindset is the foundation for all sales success, yet it's often overlooked. This course covers the key areas of a Sales Guru's mindset with practical applications for increased success. (1 day program)
Plan like a SalesGuru

Plan like a SalesGuru

You can't manage time, you can only manage what you choose to spend your time on! Finally a course that shows you how to create your sales plan for target success and the committed daily non-negotiable activities. (1 day program)
Prospect like a SalesGuru

Prospect like a SalesGuru

This course will help you beat your prospecting anxiety, get over the fear of rejection, dramatically increase propsepcting activity, get more meetings and set up a pipeline for sales success. (2 day program)
Unlock the Sale

Unlock the Sale

You can’t close something that has not been opened! This course will empower salespeople with the best skills to open meetings effectively, create 2 way engagement discussions, with the best questions around a proven sales framework that uncovers buying motives and closes more business. (2 day program)
Virtual Selling

Virtual Selling

This course provides sales professionals with the mindset, skills, tools, and technical understanding for remote selling success. (2 day program)
SalesGuru Account Management

SalesGuru Account Management

The success of any company is defined by their ability to retain and grow their customers. In this course we provide the strategies, frameworks and questions to qualify, grade and increase customer loyalty and how to qualify and grade growth opportunities though cross selling and upselling discussions. (2 day program)
The Winning Sales Formula

The Winning Sales Formula

Want better sales, get back to basics! In this training program, we show you how to get the basics right, regardless of experience: from the right mindset, productivity planning, daily prospecting and fundamental sales skills to close more business. (2 day program)
Sales for Non-Sales People

Sales for Non-Sales People

Everyone is in sales! Designed for customer-facing personnel who are not in sales or business development positions, yet have a huge impact on customer retention and growth. In this training program focuses on how they can influence and increase sales. (2 day program)
Mindset & Planning

Mindset & Planning

In this course, we show you how to maintain a winning mindset and plan and manage your time like a Sales Guru.



The process kicks off with a discovery meeting to unpack the client’s business and needs and how SalesGuru can help them be better off.

The account manager meets with the client to understand the current situation, including the size of the team, products and services provided, the industry operated within, the sales cycle, achievement against a target, areas of concern, potential areas of development, challenges, and strengths. 

The purpose of the discovery meeting is to qualify or disqualify the SalesGuru Content against the opportunities for an upgrade of the current mindset, activity and skills of the team in order to make a content recommendation. 


The information from the discovery meeting is unpacked by the SalesGuru account manager and trainer to build a training proposal.

The training journey takes into consideration all elements discussed in the discovery meeting and insight from the trainer to deliver the best solution for the needs shared.

The proposal will include client objectives and outcomes to be achieved, course content, a breakdown of the training journey from start to end, as well as the finer details such as the number of training days required, and costings.


After presentation of the proposal, any necessary amendments are made, the approved project is submitted for signatures and the project planning begins.

Here the client and the SalesGuru account manager will plan and confirm training days, the flow of training, the regularity of training sessions and confirm all admin around the booking.

Delegates will be identified, as well as the channels and types of communication to the delegates in the lead-up to the training and during the project.


During this process, the trainer is fully briefed on all nuances of the client, based on the initial discussion and the contents of the proposal.

The actual training content is then further designed to align with the client’s specific industry, products and services, and any other internal requirements that may have been identified in the discovery process or the follow-up proposal approval.

This ensures the training programme is tailor-made to each and every client, and addresses all nuances, with a clear solution-oriented outcome.


The training programme follows the plan as set out in the proposal.

Training either takes place in a face-to-face environment, at an agreed-on location, or virtually, with a live facilitator on the other end.

All training sessions are interactive and include discussions and input to scripts prepared by the trainer for role-play and intensive role-play scenarios.

A core element of all SalesGuru training and coaching is ensuring the training is implemented into daily practices.

Implementation recommendations and accountability agreements are shared with groups and leadership during training. Scripts are amended as required to be shared with the delegates.


Post-training, the trainer will provide a trainer’s debrief, and delegates will prove feedback which will be collated and presented to the client.

The trainer’s debrief will include implementation recommendations and the next steps.

This provides both SalesGuru and the client the evidence to evaluate and assess any additional needs, as well as identify potential delegates and/or managers that require further training or coaching.

Why Choose SalesGuru for your Sales Training?

Welcome to sales mastery

Our comprehensive sales training programs are designed to provide your team with the necessary skills and strategies to thrive in the current competitive marketplace and outshine the competition. With our professional direction, your team will surpass sales targets, establishing new standards of excellence in the industry.

Transform your sales approach

Empower your sales professionals with innovative methods to surpass goals, exceed targets and drive revenue growth. From prospecting to closing deals, our transformative strategies will revolutionise your approach to sales. Allow us to assist your team in becoming a dominant force in sales, continuously exceeding goals and establishing higher standards for achievement.

Customised training solutions

Our training solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of your industry and business, providing a personalised roadmap to success. By tailoring our approach to tackle your individual challenges and opportunities, each team member receives the necessary support to excel in their position and deliver concrete outcomes for your organisation.

Harness the power of persuasion

Master the art of effective communication and persuasion to unlock a whole new level of sales conversations. Our training equips your sales professionals with the skills and confidence to connect with customers on a deeper level, fostering loyalty, building lasting relationships and consistently boosting sales conversion rates with every interaction.

Boost confidence, boost results

By instilling confidence and perseverance in your sales team, they will have the ability to address objections and turn setbacks into opportunities for growth. Through our supportive environment and expert guidance, your team will build the resilience necessary to overcome challenges and emerge stronger, delivering consistent results and driving continuous growth for your organisation.

From novice to expert

Regardless of whether you’re a novice in sales or a seasoned professional, our training programs are designed to accommodate individuals at all stages, providing targeted learning experiences for ongoing development, empowering every member of your team to reach their full potential. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from fundamental sales methods to advanced strategies, ensuring that your team is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to thrive, regardless of their current position in their career.

Interactive learning experience

Participate in interactive workshops, role-playing activities and real-life simulations to reinforce learning and enhance retention, ensuring that knowledge is not just acquired but deeply ingrained for long-term effectiveness. Through hands-on and experiential learning, your team will not only grasp key concepts but also develop useful skills and gain insights that they can apply immediately.

Stay ahead of the curve

Our training will keep you abreast of the latest sales methodologies and trends which will establish your team as industry leaders and provide them with the competitive advantage necessary to deliver innovative solutions and surpass customer expectations.

Measure success, drive excellence

Monitor your ROI and track progress effectively using our performance metrics to guarantee concrete outcomes and a substantial return on your investment. By establishing transparent metrics and standards for success, you can monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and base your decisions on data analysis.

Unmatched support and guidance

Our team of experts is committed to providing ongoing support to ensure your sales team stays motivated and on the right path to accomplish their objectives. From personalised coaching to regular check-ins, our team provides the support and guidance you need to overcome challenges that may arise, stay motivated and achieve your sales goals.

Ready to ignite your sales performance?

Take the first step towards transforming your sales team into top performers by exploring our tailored training solutions today. Together, let’s ignite a spark that fuels lasting success in your sales initiatives. Through our proven training modules and professional support, your team will be able to unleash their capabilities, boost sales performance and reach unprecedented levels of success for your company.