Dalene Lewis

The waves will never stop coming, but it’s your choice on which ones to surf.

Dalene loves to wake people up! She is an engaging and highly energetic trainer, who captivates audiences with her natural ability to connect and relate to people at any level. Dalene is passionate about developing people and helping them to increase and sustain their performance.

Prior to joining SALESGURU, Dalene ran her own company consulting to businesses and building high-performance sales teams by way of EQ workshops, organisational change, company cultures, and soft skills.

Dalene has over 32 years’ experience in sales and recruitment and over 14 years in leadership, training, and development. She has worked for large JSE listed companies like Adcorp, ADvTECH, and EOH, training sales, talent development, and leadership, to ensure a skilled and engaged workforce that produces the best results.

Dalene is a certified EQ Trainer, an NLP Practitioner, Executive & Business Coach, Life Coach and is ISPC accredited.

When not training…. I love singing even though I can’t sing for the life of me.
I also love golf but can’t play to save my life!

I think there is some Mediterranean influence in me – I talk with my hands, I speak fast, I am loud and passionate!

One of my favorite quotes is by Nelson Mandela: “I never fail, I either win or I learn.”

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