Coach the Coach (One on One)

"Working with your leaders to implement high performance coaching."

Duration: Estimated 3 days

@ 5 managers a day for three months post-training

The real value from any coaching program is ensuring that it is effectively implemented. Yet many Sales Managers struggle to actualise what has been learnt and achieve the coaching training outcomes.

The reason is that whilst the theory of coaching is important to understand, they don’t get the practical experience of being coached themselves by experts. This often results in low competence, confidence and limited coaching implementation.

Our coach the coach program ensures:

  • One-on-one coaching of your sales managers and sales leaders by a SalesGuru expert
  • That what has been trained and agreed is being implemented
  • Feedback on their coaching sessions with team members
  • Expertise and guidance
  • How to discuss real world challenges that arise
  • Sales league movement of under performers to achievers
  • Increased sales team performance
  • Feedback to Leadership on coaching results
  • Implementation and execution – the real ROI of any training

Too often training investments can result in limited execution, improvements and results.


Coach the Coach sessions:

  • Provide a platform for the managers to be coached around their personal goals,        strategy and DNA analysis.
  • Provide a more hand-holding approach to equip managers with the tools for              successful implementation of the coaching templates and Pact Discussions per          team and individual.
  • Assist with the implementation of monthly goals; league breakdown and league        action plans; DNA analysis; and training and coaching needs relevant to specific          portfolios.
  • Equip managers with the ability to ask specific questions and assist from a                  coaching perspective.

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