Sales Management Essentials

"The crucial foundation of driving a high performance sales team"

“This best training I’ve ever attended in my Sales Management career, based on the relevance of the content, the amazing trainer and that I now have the recipe to increase my sales teams success.”

Sales Manager

Sales managers are often the most underdeveloped role in sales despite the fact that their leadership has a direct impact on their team’s performance. If you want to transform the success of your sales team you need to first ensure that your sales management foundation is strong. This is true whether you have just stared in Sales Management or have been doing it for many years. In our experience many Sales Managers are busy, stressed, starched but not achieving ongoing, consistent sales team results. Often they are spending too much time on the wrong things that drive high performance.

To unleash a sales manager’s true potential , you need to create a strong foundation what Sales Management is and is not. From this Sales Management foundation, SalesGuru shares the core, non-negotiable management essentials and how to implement these daily for increased success.  

Course Contents

  • Management audit: how your leadership impacts your team and their results
  • How to identify the current status of your team members and their sales leagues
  • Effective communication and engagement
  • How to define and implement minimal acceptable standards
  • One-on-one sales pact discussions, what and how to do these
  • The difference between the target (the job) and the goal (the why)
  • How to revolutionise your meeting culture
  • The power of recognition
  • The power of accountability and agreed consequence
  • Energy leaks and time management
  • How to implement the learnings and next steps


  • A clear understanding of what high performance sales management is and is not
  • A detailed one-on-one sales pact between manager and salesperson to define minimal acceptable standards on target and goal
  • Company objectives aligned with individual performers
  • An individual agreed recipe for sales target achievement between each sales person and the sales manager
  • 100% accountability and ownership of both sales force and sales manager to ensure target achievement
  • Practical tools to eliminate frustrations, and maximise time, investment, and results
  • A thriving team and positive culture
  • Sales Management increased confidence, competence and results

Who should attend?

Anyone in a management or leadership role.

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