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“This training has provided me with tools to encourage, lead, coach and mentor an amazing asset and talent, which is my team. The instructor has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and has influenced me. I am in love with my role as a leader and I cannot wait to develop and coach the right people​”

MD – CEOS Technologies

The holy grail of every great manager is their ability to coach effectively. Effective coaching is the biggest differentiator between successful and unsuccessful teams in business. A dedicated sales coaching program will equip managers with tangible skills to lead, develop and consistently drive results. However, the majority of managers have never been trained on how to become successful coaches.


This leads to many management challenges such as inconsistent performance, high staff turnover, disengaged staff, low team morale, negative culture and poor communication. Sales coaching equips sales managers with defined and specific communication and management skills to uncover improvement areas and opportunities, drive adoption of skills and behaviour and, ultimately, drive a high-performance team to ensure sustained performance.

Course Contents:

  • Understand the DNA of your sales managers and their teams
  • How to define and set minimal acceptable standards
  • Ensure consequences and outcomes are owned by each individual
  • The connection between the reason you work (the why) and your target (your job)
  • How to define your team in sales leagues and coach accordingly
  • How to plan, diarise and run coaching sessions
  • Develop a personal development plan for each individual
  • Coaching language – constructive feedback vs criticism
  • Practical examples and role play to solve challenges




  • Managers equipped with tangible skills to lead, nurture and enhance results
  • Consistent individual sales performance
  • A culture of accountability and ownership
  • A proactive, aligned and engaged sales force
  • Retention of top performers

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