Sales Training: What holds salespeople back from prospecting?


Prospecting is the lifeblood of any sales organisation, yet many salespeople struggle with it. What makes it so difficult? Call reluctance, fear, rejection, lack of confidence, competence, and achieving poor results are some of the most common barriers that salespeople face. In this sales training article, we explore these challenges and provide insights and strategies to help you overcome them.

Call reluctance

Call reluctance is the fear of making sales calls or reaching out to potential customers. It’s a common issue that affects many salespeople, but it’s also one of the easiest to overcome. One strategy is to focus on the potential rewards of prospecting rather than the risks. Additionally, you can reframe your perception of rejection. Instead of seeing it as a failure or a personal reflection of your worth, see it as a learning opportunity that can help you refine your approach.

Fear of rejection

Rejection is a normal part of sales, but it can still be difficult to handle. Fear of rejection can prevent salespeople from reaching out to potential customers and inhibit their confidence in their abilities. Focus on building relationships with potential customers instead of just trying to make a sale. By taking the time to understand their needs and build rapport, you can create a stronger connection that will make rejection less personal.

Lack of confidence

Confidence is key in sales. If you don’t believe in yourself or your product/service, it will be difficult to convince others to do so. Building confidence takes time and practice. One strategy is to focus on building your expertise and knowledge of your product/service. The more you know, the more confident you will feel when presenting it to potential customers. Additionally, practice your sales pitch in front of a mirror or with a trusted colleague to build your confidence and fine-tune your approach.

Lack of competence

Lack of competence is a common barrier to prospecting. It’s difficult to sell something you don’t fully understand or can’t answer questions about. To overcome this, take the time to fully understand your product/service and its features and benefits. Focus on learning as much as you can and practice your sales pitch until it becomes second nature. Additionally, don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” when faced with a question you can’t answer. Instead, commit to finding the answer and follow up with the potential customer.

Poor results

Poor results can be demotivating and discouraging for salespeople. However, it’s important to remember that results take time and effort. Focus on setting realistic goals and tracking your progress. Celebrate small wins along the way and keep a positive attitude. Additionally, seek feedback from colleagues or mentors to learn from your mistakes and refine your approach.

Prospecting can be a daunting task, but with the right strategies and mindset, any salesperson can become an expert at it. Call reluctance, fear of rejection, lack of confidence or competence and poor results are all common barriers to prospecting, but they can be overcome. Use the strategies outlined in this sales training article to refine your approach, build confidence, and improve your results. Remember, prospecting is a skill that takes time and practice to master, but with persistence and dedication, you can become a top-performing salesperson in no time.

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