Sales Training: What are you capable of achieving?


Have you ever wondered why, given the same opportunity, some people excel while others just get by? We see this all the time in sales, where the majority of the team’s success comes from a handful of individuals. They all went through the same orientation and  sales training, and are exposed to the same systems, yet despite an even playing field, some simply cannot get past a standard of mediocrity. We believe it stems from a lack of desire. In order to excel at anything, you need to desire it. It starts with you and the need to achieve regardless of the challenges ahead. As a salesperson, you know that it is important to hit your quota and meet your goals. Achieving success in sales requires a strong work ethic, desire, knowledge, and persistence, but there is another factor that is equally important – setting higher goals. Setting higher goals can push you to achieve greater results beyond just meeting quota. It can help you to reach your full potential and be a top performer. In this article, we will explore the benefits of setting higher goals and provide tips to help you get started.

Motivation and focus

Setting higher goals will challenge you but can also increase motivation and focus because it’s natural for human beings to be more focused on challenging tasks. When you are faced with ambitious goals, it often stimulates creativity and problem-solving skills, ultimately leading to better results. Higher goals can also help you to prioritise tasks, forcing you to focus on what is truly important.

Boost self-esteem and confidence

Setting higher goals requires you to step out of your comfort zone and take risks. When you achieve these goals, it can give you a sense of accomplishment, boosting your self-esteem and confidence. When you are confident, you are more likely to take on bigger challenges, and ultimately achieve greater success. Setting higher goals, achieving them, and celebrating your successes can help maintain a strong sense of self and lead to long-term happiness.

Push yourself to new heights

The act of setting higher goals is itself an act of pushing oneself to new heights. It forces one to think differently, strategise and work harder. Hitting an ambitious goal can be a breakthrough moment in your career, marking a major milestone in your journey towards achieving greatness. With each goal, you set the bar higher, making it more likely that you will reach levels of success you never thought possible.

Expand your skills with Sales Training

When you set higher goals, you may need to acquire new skills or adopt new strategies to accomplish them. This learning experience will expand your skill set and make you a more valuable asset to your organisation. The skills you learn and refine during this sales training process can help you to take on even larger challenges and responsibilities in the future.

Combat complacency with Sales Training

Achieving success and hitting goals can be exhilarating. However, it is also human nature to get complacent when we become comfortable in our success. By setting higher goals, we avoid becoming complacent and stay hungry and driven to achieve more. The constant push to achieve higher goals can help maintain a sense of urgency, leading to sustained high levels of performance.

Setting higher goals is an essential part of achieving greatness in sales. It forces you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, expand your skills and knowledge, and remain focused on what is truly important. It can also boost confidence and self-esteem. Setting higher goals takes courage, discipline and patience, but the rewards are worth the effort. Challenge yourself, take risks, and go after those big goals – you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Take this step and you are one giant leap closer to a sales career built on your real potential.

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