Sales Management: The challenges of inconsistency


As a sales leader or manager, you understand the importance of consistency. It’s important for your sales team to be consistent in their approach, message and execution. But often sales teams struggle with consistency, leading to a lack of progress, a breakdown in communication and low morale. In this sales management article, we explore the challenges of inconsistency and how to overcome them.

There are many potential reasons for inconsistency in sales management, from bad habits to apathy. However, one of the primary reasons is a lack of standardisation. When sales teams lack a standard process or approach, they are more likely to be inconsistent. It’s important for sales leaders to develop a standard process and approach and ensure that the team adheres to it. Another reason for inconsistency is a lack of training and development. Sales teams that lack the necessary skills and knowledge will often struggle to perform consistently. Sales leaders need to provide regular sales training and development opportunities for their team members to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Inconsistency has several negative impacts on a sales team:

Inconsistency leads to a lack of focus and clarity

When a team is constantly changing direction or has no definitive baseline, it can be difficult to stay focused on the goals. This can lead to a lack of progress and a lower success rate. One of the main reasons for inconsistency is a lack of clear goals, objectives and expectations. It can be difficult to meet targets without clear goals and expectations. For some it isn’t so much an issue of an absence of goals, or misaligned goals, rather it is a disconnect between daily outcomes and sales performance. The structure is vital to success, but there needs to be a connection between what the team does daily and how this aligns with the goals and the subsequent success thereof.

Inconsistency can lead to a lack of trust

If team members constantly changing their approach or message, it can be difficult to trust one another, leading to a breakdown in communication and a lack of cooperation. It’s important for sales teams to have a consistent message and approach to avoid confusion and build trust. Consistency creates structure, which in turn creates a feedback loop. Provided a sales team member has spent sufficient time within this feedback loop, they will soon build trust in both the structure and their role within it.

Inconsistency can lead to a lack of confidence

When a sales team is constantly struggling to meet its goals, it can be difficult for team members to remain confident in their abilities. This may result in a lack of motivation and low morale. It’s important for sales leaders and managers to help their team members build confidence by providing regular feedback and coaching.

In summary, the challenges of inconsistency in sales management can have a negative impact on a team’s performance and results. Sales teams that lack focus and clarity, trust and confidence will struggle to meet their goals. By developing a standard process and approach, providing regular training and development, and setting clear goals and expectations, sales leaders can help their teams overcome these challenges and perform at their best. Remember, consistency is key to success in sales management.

In the second addition of this article series for sales managers, we break down employee motivation and engagement with tips for remedying each of them.

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