Sales Management: A Strategic Approach to Customer Discussions


The art of sales lies not in a monologue about your company’s offerings but in the ability to initiate meaningful conversations that uncover growth opportunities. Many account managers find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to effectively qualifying and unlocking these opportunities in discussions with their customers. In this article, we explore a customer-centric approach to sales management that emphasises preparation, strategic questioning and the creation of genuine value for the client.

The pitfall of product-centric pitches
It’s a common mistake for salespeople to enter engagements and immediately delve into a pitch extolling the virtues of their offerings. While belief in the value of one’s products is crucial, customers are more concerned with how these offerings can contribute to their success. Opening a dialogue solely focused on your enthusiasm risks missing the mark in understanding the customer’s real needs and potential for growth.

The power of strategic questions
Sales gurus understand the importance of preparation, especially in terms of the questions they pose to customers. Instead of preparing a monologue about additional services, they focus on crafting questions related to potential growth opportunity matrices. These questions aim to uncover whether discussing additional services makes sense for both the customer and the seller based on the mutual goal of achieving a better outcome.

A blueprint for discussion
Consider this simple yet powerful example to kickstart cross-sell and upsell discussions with your customers: “In our discussions, you expressed satisfaction with [offering] and our performance. My role extends beyond this – I’m always exploring opportunities to assist you in being better off. Today, I’d like to delve into your current [define what] and explore areas where I could share ideas to achieve a better outcome for you. Are you open to this discussion?”

The questioning process
Once the door is open, the key is to ask questions that provide a comprehensive understanding of the defined area. This involves delving into the customer’s requirements, usage patterns, volumes, current providers, expectations, experiences and areas for improvement. The objective is to identify any unmet needs or challenges the customer might be facing.

The art of qualification
In the pursuit of growth opportunities, it’s crucial to qualify the customer’s responses. If they struggle to identify areas for improvement, introduce potential enhancements like better delivery times, improved communication or increased service. Avoid leading with a cheaper price, as it may commoditise your offerings and lead to a transactional relationship.

Alternative approaches

Explore different angles to uncover opportunities. For instance, enquire why certain offerings are not currently utilised. This not only sheds light on potential gaps in your service but also reveals competitors, areas for improvement, contract timelines and other critical information.

The challenge: preparing strategic questions
As a sales professional, your role is to prepare questions in advance that open conversations, gain insights into the customer’s needs and uncover growth opportunities. Rather than focusing on what you tell customers about your offerings, shift your attention to crafting five probing questions for each offering to unlock potential opportunities.

In sales, success is rooted in asking the right questions. Relying on hope and chance won’t fuel customer growth; instead, meticulous preparation and thoughtful questioning will. Embrace the challenge of preparing questions that resonate with your customers and watch as you uncover a wealth of additional growth opportunities. Remember, the more you invest in understanding your customers, the more you can tailor your offerings to meet their evolving needs, fostering a mutually beneficial and enduring relationship.

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