Sales Coaching: Why it’s Always Time for an Internal Upgrade


Think back to your very first cell phone – the excitement of unboxing it, exploring its features and perhaps playing a game that kept you hooked. For many, this device was a gateway to a new era of communication. However, the chances are slim that you’re still using that same cell phone today. Why? Because the desire for better performance drives us to upgrade to new and improved devices that hit the market each year. In this Sales Coaching article we break down this topic with key insights for better performance.

Extend this analogy to your computer, laptop, smartwatch or tablet’s software. Rarely will you find someone operating on Windows version 1 or the initial Apple software. The rationale is clear – when the latest version launches, most people upgrade to unlock better functionality and achieve superior results.

In sales, a parallel principle holds true. To attain better results, you must elevate your standards in the relevant areas. Selling like a sales guru necessitates an upgrade in your standards to align with the practices of the sales elite.

When was the last time you gave yourself a sales upgrade? Have you refreshed your internal sales software to attain greater results? Or are you still relying on the ‘internal sales software you acquired years ago, hoping for success?

Consider your professional growth as a garden. A formal education is like the fertile soil that provides a foundation for your career – essential, but alone it won’t yield a bountiful harvest. Imagine your knowledge and skills as seeds planted in the soil of your education. The formal education you receive is the initial watering – a crucial start, ensuring your seeds have the basic nourishment to sprout. However, to transform that sprout into a thriving, fruitful garden, continual self-education is indispensable.

In this analogy, your earnings represent the fruits of your labour and the quality and quantity of the harvest directly correlate with your commitment to continual learning, upgrading, implementing and improving. Just as a diligent gardener tends to the soil, removes weeds and provides the right nutrients for optimal growth, you must tend to your professional development.

Consider the common thread among top performers and sales gurus – they are continually upgrading their ‘sales ‘software’ between their ears. They are lifelong students of the sales profession, perpetual learners who consistently seek improvement, irrespective of their previous successes.

Surprisingly, a significant number of individuals I’ve trained have not delved into a sales book, explored a sales blog, listened to a sales podcast, watched a sales YouTube video or even Googled a sales article in the past 12 months – or ever. This stark contrast in habits emphasises the divide between average performers and those who truly excel in the sales arena.

To genuinely sell like a sales guru, you must possess a hunger for knowledge. Commit to dedicating at least 30 minutes (or more if you’re ready to take the plunge) every week to studying and enhancing your knowledge across all facets of our profession. Consider it an investment in your success, a proactive step towards staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of sales.

Upgrade your skills, embrace new techniques and stay informed about the latest trends in the sales industry. Attend workshops, keynotes, webinars and conferences. Engage with fellow professionals to exchange insights and perspectives. The sales landscape is dynamic, and to thrive, you must evolve with it.

In conclusion, just as you wouldn’t persist with an outdated cell phone, don’t settle for outdated sales strategies. The path to sales excellence lies in continuous learning and upgrading your internal sales software. Make a commitment today to invest in yourself, to unlock new levels of sales success. An upgrade isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity for those who aspire to greatness in the realm of sales.

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