Sales Coaching: Change your message, change your results


In sales, the art of prospecting is a critical component of success. If you are in sales, you are essentially in the business of seeking out potential clients and asking them to consider your product or service. However, rejection is a common companion, and not everyone you approach will see the value in what you have to offer. To excel in this field, you must learn to navigate rejection effectively. Your ability to change your message and how you perceive rejection can significantly impact your results and success as a salesperson. Which is exactly what we will be covering in this Sales Coaching article.

Embracing the unnatural business

Sales is often described as the most unnatural business in the world. It requires individuals to reach out to strangers, interrupt their daily routines, and face the high likelihood of hearing the word no. Welcome to the world of sales, where your resilience and character are tested daily, especially after hearing numerous rejections.

Sales Coaching: Your relationship with rejection

Your relationship with the word no is a critical factor in determining your level of success in sales. Top-performing sales professionals distinguish themselves from underperforming counterparts by prospecting with value and not taking rejection personally. Understanding and managing your response to rejection is key to achieving better results.

Shifting the mindset

How much more would you prospect every day if you were guaranteed to hear yes on every call? The fear of rejection often holds us back, planting negative seeds in our minds about what could go wrong and making us doubt our own abilities. To overcome this fear, consider a simple mind trick: Imagine a scenario where you are offered a financial incentive of R500 for every prospecting call you make in the next 24 hours, regardless of the outcome. In this situation, how many calls would you make? You might find yourself making calls tirelessly, calculating the attractive benefits that will come your way. The key reason for this increased effort is the financial incentive that motivates you to take action, regardless of the anticipated response.

Sales Coaching: Changing your perspective

This mind trick is a powerful tool for increasing your prospecting efforts and conquering your fear of rejection. By shifting your perspective, you no longer view ‘no’ as a complete negative. Instead, you understand that every call you make brings you closer to your financial reward, whether the prospect says yes, no or maybe. The fear of rejection diminishes when the focus shifts from the response to the prospecting process itself.

The power of perspective in prospecting cannot be overstated. How we view the process of reaching out to potential clients can make all the difference in our success. Embracing a positive perspective transforms prospecting from a daunting task into an exciting opportunity. When we focus on the value we can provide and the potential for meaningful connections, rejection becomes just a part of the journey, rather than an obstacle. By adopting a mindset that every interaction is a chance to learn and improve, we open ourselves up to the possibilities of growth and success. It’s not merely about the number of calls or emails; it’s about the quality of those interactions and the belief in the value we bring. With the right perspective, prospecting becomes a powerful tool for building relationships, expanding networks, and ultimately, achieving our sales goals.

In the world of sales, prospecting is a fundamental skill, and your ability to handle rejection can significantly impact your success. By changing your message to focus on the prospecting process rather than the outcome, you can overcome your fear of rejection and achieve better results. Just like the simple mind trick of a financial incentive, you can transform the way you perceive rejection and drive your success. Embrace the rejection, change your message and watch your results soar.

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar

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