Sales Coach Tips: Time blocking for optimal sales performance


Salespeople often struggle with time management, spending too much time on tasks that are not directly related to selling. Time-blocking is an important technique that can help you utilise your time better on sales-producing activities, maintain focus, and achieve consistent results. In this Sales Coach Tips article, we discuss the importance of time-blocking for sales performance and how it can help you succeed in the sales game.

Time-blocking is a simple yet effective process, yet it can be challenging to start. However, it’s worth the effort as it forces salespeople to organise their time. Instead of multi-tasking, they can focus on a single task or group of similar tasks during a block of time. Time-blocking allows one to keep track of important activities and prevent distractions, which results in a clear schedule of specific selling tasks to complete each day, which leads to a full sales pipeline and consistently good results.

Sales Coach Tips: Prospecting

The number one priority to block time for is prospecting. This activity always needs to be scheduled in advance, at least a week ahead. Even sales gurus who have overflowing sales pipelines still schedule a minimum of two hours daily to prospect. However, if you’re honest with yourself, you can always do more. I recommend scheduling prospecting time near the start of each day to ensure this crucial activity is completed and to create ongoing momentum. It’s important to note that the actual time spent engaging with people is prospecting time and not research on who to prospect. That is a separate task altogether and should be blocked separately.


Another essential task to time block is planning. Planning is the foundation of successful selling, and you need to block time for sales planning, organising sales activities, and reviewing sales performance regularly. This task is vital because it helps identify weaknesses and gaps in the sales process. Time blocking for planning ensures that you stay focused and organised, so you know what needs to be done and when to do it. During these planning sessions you can also adjust your time blocks to better suit your strategy.

Follow ups

It’s also essential to block time for customer follow-up. Many salespeople neglect this crucial task and lose valuable sales opportunities. Set up time blocks for following up with prospects and customers after meetings and calls. Make sure to set reminders, so you don’t miss any follow-up tasks. Focused, organised, and consistent follow-up can build trust and credibility with your prospects and customers, increasing your chances of selling.

Sales Coach Tips: Personal development

Finally, block time for personal development. No matter how good you are at selling, there is always room for improvement. Block time for training, reading sales books, attending webinars and sales conferences, and networking with other salespeople. This will help you stay up to date with industry trends and techniques. Working with a dedicated sales coach is great way of committing to your personal development.

In conclusion, time-blocking is a crucial technique for salespeople who want to improve their sales performance. It enables them to maintain focus, organise their time, and achieve consistent results. By time-blocking specific activities, they can ensure that they spend their time on sales-related tasks that keep them on track to meet and exceed their goals. Prospecting, planning, customer follow-up, and personal development are all activities that should be time-blocked for optimal sales performance. Prospecting, in particular is the start and end of all your potential sales success, So, start blocking your time and enhance your selling game today!

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