Motivational for Sales: How to align your desire with your commitment


In the pursuit of success, we often hear that desire is the starting point. It’s the spark that ignites our ambitions and propels us towards our goals. However, desire alone is not enough to achieve significant success. To bridge the gap between aspiration and accomplishment, we need something more: commitment and the unwavering dedication to keeping our word. In this Motivational for Sales article, we explore the crucial differences between desire, commitment and honouring our promises, highlighting why they are all indispensable on the road to success.

Desire: the spark of ambition

Desire is the foundation upon which every great achievement is built. It’s the yearning deep within us, the dream that fuels our aspirations. We all have desires – whether it’s losing weight, boosting sales figures or achieving financial success. However, desire is merely the first step in the journey towards our objectives.

The missing link: commitment

The distinction between those who fulfill their desires and those who merely dream lies in commitment. Commitment is the daily dedication and discipline required to turn desire into reality. It’s the willingness to make the necessary sacrifices and put in the hard work consistently. Without this crucial ingredient, our desires remain unfulfilled dreams. Illustrating this point are two common scenarios:

1. Health and fitness: Consider the desire to lose 15 kilograms and get fit. The desire alone won’t magically shed the weight or improve fitness levels. It’s the commitment to waking up every day at 5:30am for a 45-minute workout and maintaining a healthy diet that translates desire into results.
2. Sales success: Similarly, desiring to increase sales and earnings by a specific percentage is commendable, but without the daily commitment to activities like prospecting or networking, sales targets remain elusive.

The New Year resolution syndrome

We often witness the desire-commitment gap with the infamous New Year resolutions. At the start of each year, people set ambitious goals, fueled by their desires for self-improvement. However, as weeks go by, many falter and resolutions are abandoned. Why? Because the initial desire lacks the sustaining force of commitment.

Sales and life: what you deserve

Sales, like life itself, doesn’t always give us what we want; it delivers what we deserve. Success in sales, as in life, is earned through dedication and effort. Ask yourself: do you deserve more sales? Do you deserve a higher income? To attain these, you must commit to daily actions that align with your goals.

Daily commitment, discipline and sacrifice

Sales success demands more than wishful thinking. It requires daily commitment, discipline, and sacrifice. What are you willing to give up to get what you want? Are you prepared to invest your time and energy into activities that drive your success? Are you committed to doing whatever it takes, always within ethical boundaries, to achieve your sales targets and surpass your goals? There are few considerations as motivational for sales as an unwavering commitment.

Excuses or effort: your choice

As you transition from a mindset of desire to one of commitment, you face a choice: excuses or effort. Excuses will hold you back, while effort will propel you forward. Go after your dreams with unwavering commitment and relentless effort. Remember, success isn’t handed to us; it’s earned through dedication and the fulfillment of our promises to ourselves.

Desire is the spark that ignites our ambitions, but it’s only the beginning. To transform our desires into achievements, we must embrace commitment and the daily discipline it requires. Keeping our word to ourselves is the ultimate testament of our commitment to success. So, as you embark on your journey towards your goals, remember that success is within your reach, but it demands your unwavering dedication and a firm commitment to fulfill your promises. Go after your dreams with determination and watch them become your reality.

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