Motivational for Sales: Embrace your sales targets


As we strive to improve our financial wellbeing, one universal truth emerges: we all want to earn more than we did last year. This aspiration fuels our ambitions and drives us to seek ways to increase our income. However, it’s essential to understand that for us to earn more, companies must also earn more, and to achieve this, they need to sell more. This is where the concept of sales targets comes into play. Sales targets are not just a corporate obligation but a critical element in the symbiotic relationship between individuals and their organisations. In this Motivational for Sales article, we explore the importance of sales targets, the psychology behind them, and how adopting the right mindset can lead to exceptional sales performance and, ultimately, financial success.

The challenging vs. easy sales target debate

When discussing sales targets with groups of salespeople, a common question arises: should sales targets be challenging or easy? While many may argue in favour of challenging targets, let’s be honest – most of us secretly wish for easier targets. It’s human nature to prefer the path of least resistance. However, the reality is that sales targets are set to ensure companies generate the necessary revenue to meet their goals and obligations. Imagine a world without sales targets. Sales performance would likely plummet, and organisations would struggle to sustain themselves. Sales targets serve as a compass, guiding sales teams toward the company’s financial objectives. They provide a sense of direction and purpose, aligning individual efforts with organisational goals.

The power of perception

Sales targets are not just about numbers; they are intertwined with our mindset and perception. As Henry Ford aptly stated, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are 100% correct.” This adage holds true in the context of sales targets. Your beliefs about your ability to achieve your sales target can significantly impact your results. In essence, if you believe you can or can’t hit your target, you’re right, and you will find reasons to support your belief. This underscores the importance of choosing your beliefs wisely. There are few things are motivational for sales as a bulletproof belief in your self. Negative thoughts and self-doubt can be your worst enemies, undermining your success before you even begin. Instead, cultivate a positive mindset and focus on how you can achieve your sales target, regardless of external factors or challenges.

The waiting game

Picture this: you’re in a sales meeting, and your sales leader is delivering an impassioned speech about market potential and the exciting year ahead. However, your attention is fixed on one thing – the sales target. As soon as that number is revealed, your brain processes it in an instant. You’ve already decided whether you can or can’t achieve it, and you’ve begun justifying your decision to yourself. If the initial reaction is negative, it’s easy to rationalise your doubts: “They must be out of touch with the current economy and the market conditions. How did they even come up with that number?” This negativity can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, hindering your success from the start.

Embracing sales targets

Here’s a shift in perspective that can transform your approach to sales targets: your sales target is not your goal; it’s your job. It represents the minimum standard expected of you by your employer. Your true goal should extend far beyond merely hitting that target – it should encompass your personal aspirations, financial dreams and professional growth. Sales gurus don’t wait for their companies to hand them sales targets. They’ve already determined what they want to achieve, and their personal targets typically exceed company expectations. Even if the company’s target is higher than their own, they don’t dwell on why it’s unattainable. Instead, they focus on how they can reach it by asking themselves critical questions:
• What do I need to do more of to achieve that number?
• What skills or areas do I need to improve to reach that target?

In the world of sales, embracing sales targets is essential for personal and organisational success. Sales targets provide a sense of purpose, direction and accountability. Your perception and mindset play a significant role in your ability to achieve these targets, so choose your beliefs wisely. Remember, your sales target is not your ultimate goal; it’s your baseline. Your true potential goes far beyond what’s expected of you. By adopting the mindset of a sales guru and setting your sights higher, you can unlock your full potential and achieve financial success that surpasses your wildest dreams.

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