Our business unit was going through a massive transformation, having had a misalignment in strategy and execution, a change in operating model was necessary. The change also required a mind shift from order takers to a proactive sales team. We had quite a few complementary change initiatives, that worked well with the Sales Guru management fundamentals, all aimed at increasing sales and building a high performing team culture. Our Senior leadership team attended the Sales Guru training together with their sales teams, and this was important for alignment in business objectives as well as a common language and understanding of deliverables. The minimal acceptable standards framework set the new standard of delivery for the team, not only managing sales or targets, but rather managing results through people. The coaching led leadership capability, helped me as a business unit head, to identify areas where there were still concerns and perhaps misalignment on the new operating model that required clarity from my side.

Through the operating model, the overall people journey as well as the minimal acceptable standard framework that has been embedded, we have noticed increased ownership and accountability from our team, which has seen the business achieve exceptional results and regaining lost market share.