The key to driving transformation and behavioural change within the team will be how well the training is implemented and measured.

It is our recommendation to provide training implementation assistance to solidify and anchor commitments and establish the Minimal Acceptable Standards based on the training program provided.

These implementation sessions can be done in group format, on a one-on-one basis or on the desk, dependant on the training program, client requirement and group size.

Refreshers & accountability

The key to ensuring ROI and adoption of the content into practical application will be ongoing refresher session as and when needed.

It is our recommendation that group implementation/debrief sessions are facilitated every 3 – 6 months post the initial training phase. Here the delegates will present back in group format on what has happened in the field during the actual client engagements and visits.

The objection handling vaults, question vaults and content will be updated with the current and practical evidence uncovered by the team. With this approach we ensure that the key outcomes from the training is always up to date with the market, can never become outdate, is adopted and implemented.