The Winning Sales Formula

“It’s not luck, its about getting the basics right!”

“ Your training material works, I got a R400k order today!”

Sales Executive, Green Enterprise Solutions

In this popular training program, it’s about getting the basics right: from a winning mindset, increased productivity, rejection proof prospecting and sound sales engagement skills.  

It doesn’t matter whether this is your first day in sales or you’ve been at it for 30 years, this will show you that you are capable of more – and just how to achieve it.

 We give you a proven recipe used by SalesGurus to achieve ongoing sales success.

 Many of our clients use this program for all of their new sales hires when onboarding.

Course Contents

  • The winning “DNA of sales”
  • Adopting the mindset of a sales professional
  • Personal desire, drive and accountability
  • A practical personal development plan for growth and success
  • How to plan effectively to ensure maximum efficiency, energy leaks and high yield activities
  • What do we offer and why should the client care?
  • Prospecting, what to say and write that creates engagement
  • Face-to-face / telephone selling : The questions to ask to facilitate a buying discussion
  • Objections, why they come up and how to discuss them
  • Closing effectively
  • Referrals: building a referral strategy that will 10X your reach


  • A clear recipe of the sales basics needed for success
  • Boosted sales performance
  • Improved attitude and productivity levels
  • Increased activity – double your activity, double your sales!
  • Elevated client engagements to close more business, more often

Who should attend?

All salespeople, regardless of age or experience

New hires and sales onboarding

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