Virtual Selling

"The world has changed, has your sales approach?"

Duration: 2 days


Virtual selling is here to stay – to what degree only the future will tell.

 Even prior to the pandemic, many companies were not achieving the level of required sales results from their sales force. Then overnight, sales professionals who had been used to selling face to face were forced into virtual selling, relegated to the corner of a screen with the many other challenges that came with it.

 Many buyers now prefer virtual engagement when engaging with professional salespeople. It is, however, also a challenging skill to master for many salespeople, regardless of sales experience and past success. 

 The sales teams that have embraced virtual selling have realised that you can increase your sales productivity, buyer engagement and results while reducing costs.

 SalesGuru’s new training program provides sales professionals with the mindset, skills, tools, and technical understanding for remote selling success.

You will learn

  • Why sales has not changed, but rather the way we engage has.
  • Virtual selling sucks: truth or myth?
  • There is no silver bullet: get the basics right and get ahead of your competitors
  • What goes wrong with virtual selling and how to avoid this
  • Embracing technology and how to make it work for you
  • Projecting the right professional image, from framing to lighting and a background that represents your brand
  • What buyers want – value, ROI and less waffle
  • Identifying your virtual selling process
  • Fostering openness and building trust
  • How to create a buying atmosphere online
  • Questions to ask that create two-way engagement
  • How to qualify next steps and have follow-up dialogues
  • Getting to the close

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