Unlock the Sale

"You cannot close something that has not been opened."

“I can see a major change in the sales team and they have started to operate on a different level. They are positioning themselves better and asking for the business. The opening has become so much better, asking better questions and then tailoring the solution.”

National Sales Manager, Cube route

Duration: 2 days

The NUMBER ONE reason why prospective clients will buy from your company is the skill of your salespeople. It’s less about your product and more about your salesperson’s ability to uncover your clients’ required outcomes, build value and share how you can assist them in achieving this. It’s not nearly as much a closing skill as an opening one!

This training session will empower salespeople with the best skills to open meetings effectively, uncover buying motives, get agreements, and close more business.

Course Contents

  • Why most sales engagements result in no sale
  • Improving the accuracy of your sales forecasting
  • The SalesGuru framework to unlock the sale
  • Create a buying atmosphere
  • Building rapport and trust
  • Creating a great introduction and agenda
  • How to establish interest, value, urgency, budget, and the decision-making process
  • How to build your smart questions
  • Removing objections
  • How to discuss price vs value
  • How to present in the way buyers want
  • How to close


  • Unlock qualified sales opportunities
  • Convert a sales pitch into a buying discussion
  • Build value and reduce price objections
  • What to cover in your proposal and presentation
  • Easy closing
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Accurate sales forecasts
  • Increased sales!

Who should attend?

Salespeople, Account Managers, Sales Managers, and Sales Directors. Anyone selling a product or service.

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