The SalesGuru Selling System

Many companies are looking for a full training program that covers the key areas for complete sales success.

“We have now completed the SalesGuru selling system program offered by Sales Guru. We have seen a significant increase in sales activities since we embarked on the journey with Sales Guru, and we reached our target for number of new business deals for the financial year.”

BU Executive, Softworks

In a commoditised marketplace your #1 competitive advantage is the ‘Sales DNA’ (mindset, activity and skills) of your sales force.

Whilst there are many stand-alone sales training offerings, the SalesGuru Selling system is one of kind. It’s a complete end to end offering, designed to give your sales team what is needed to increase your sales results.

The SalesGuru Selling System is effective, proven and works!

The SalesGuru selling system covers:

  • Mindset of a SalesGuru – your thoughts, belief’s and choices for success
  • Planning like a SalesGuru – your sales recipe and standards
  • Prospect like a SalesGuru – get in front of more people, more often
  • Unlock the sale – the Discovery questioning framework to close more business
  • Maximising Account Growth – retention, cross sell and up sell opportunities
Our training always includes real world role playing and activities to actualise the learning.

The real ROI comes through the implementation and execution after the training. Each part of the Selling System allows for implementation and feedback prior to the next training.

We will build out the Selling System program with you on deliverables, measurement, commitments, feedback, account management and more.

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