SalesGuru Account Management

"Don't just manage your accounts get real growth and customer loyalty."

“This is exactly what I needed after a year of struggling to achieve success, a roadmap for growing my accounts and helping my customers – thank you!”

Account Manager, Avis

Duration: 2 days

True account management is not just “managing” accounts, that’s called customer service.

Our SalesGuru Account Management program introduces a proven process and framework to help account managers increase retention, loyalty and growth.

 Account Retention and loyalty          

Customer churn is a huge cost and cannot grow something that you don’t have.  The starting point of account management is customer loyalty. The big question is  “do you really know how loyal your customers are or is it an assumption?” We show you how to unlock your customers’ expectations, their experiences and dramatically increase loyalty.

 Account Growth

How many of your accounts are buying everything they could from you across all of your offerings? If you answer “I don’t know” or “not enough”, than you are missing out on untapped opportunities for revenue growth.

Having a clear strategic account plan for cross and upsell opportunities is what separates great account managers from the rest. It’s also how they engage and unlock these opportunities that determines their growth results.

Course Contents

  • Why customers leave?
  • Customer satisfaction vs loyalty and retention
  • How loyal are your customers?
  • Customer retention and loyalty grading
  • What impacts your customers loyalty?
  • The SalesGuru process for increased retention and loyalty
  • What and how we can do better – external and internal?
  • Your individual customer retention and loyalty strategy
  • Mindset for customer growth
  • Customer base growth grading
  • Cross sell and up sell matrix
  • Company expansion matrix
  • The SalesGuru framework for customer growth discussions
  • Building your individual customer growth plans


  • A retention and loyalty strategic plan for each account managed
  • A growth strategic plan for each account managed
  • A proven framework to unlock growth opportunities
  • Increased customer retention and revenue growth
  • A true grading of your accounts and where to focus your time
  • Ability to harness the power of referrals to grow your business

Who should attend?

Salespeople and Account Managers.

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