Sales for Non-Sales People

"Why everyone is actually in sales."

“I have never received such overwhelming and positive feedback from staff. Thank you SalesGuru, I predict that this will go a long way in transforming the mindset of our admin staff.”

Training & Regulatory Manager, Business Banking, Sasfin

Duration: 2 days

Have you ever heard the saying that everyone is in sales?

It’s true – you’re selling every day – be it yourself, a concept, your service or your company.

Good sales techniques are valuable no matter what role you’re in and it’s now more important than ever for organisations to bridge the gap between sales and other client-facing personnel to ensure everyone is more proactive in contributing value to the business. However, many people hired in non-selling roles don’t have the mindset, desire, or skills to be able to identify sales opportunities or they struggle to articulate ideas and present solutions.

Designed for client-facing personnel who are not in sales or business development positions, this training program focuses on the elements of great business relationships – trust, listening, and providing value, plus we unpack top sales skills and processes and show you how to apply them to everyday life for personal and professional success.

Course Contents

  • Removing the negative stigma of sales
  • A great client experience starts with you
  • Understand the buying cycle and your role in it
  • The definition and importance of having a loyal customer
  • Why responsibility and accountability are non-negotiable
  • Effective communication and asking questions
  • Effective listening for potential opportunities and assistance
  • Objections: why they come up and how to discuss them
  • How to structure smart questions that qualify your offerings and unlock value (cross-selling and upselling)
  • Buying signals: what they are and why they matter
  • A customer service culture – the unspoken ground rules
  • What makes a first-class customer experience
  • How to manage a crisis
  • Conflict resolution
  • Internal communication: the who, what, and how


  • A better understanding of what sales is, and what it matters
  • Ability to deliver a great customer experience
  • Desire and ability to look for sales opportunities
  • The confidence to ask qualifying questions
  • Ability to articulate ideas in a persuasive and compelling manner
  • Skills to build trust, interest, and commitment
  • How to confidently deal with objections
  • That everyone is in sales and service

Who should attend?

Project managers, customer service representatives – anyone in a client-facing role or in a position that assists or supports the sales process.

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