Prospect like a SalesGuru

“SalesGuru hit the mark with the focus of the Client Prospecting Training requested by our Fleet Sales Department. There literally was no fat – everything was lean and clean, so much so that our privileged sales staff in attendance unanimously begged for more.”

National Corporate Sales Manager – Volkswagen South Africa

Duration: 2 days

Does prospecting suck or do you suck at prospecting? Prospecting has – and always will be – the lifeblood of sales. Unfortunately, many salespeople have not adjusted their mindset, activity, tools, and skills to ensure prospecting success in these challenging times.

This course will help you beat your prospecting anxiety, get over the fear of rejection, teach you what to say and write and set up a qualified pipeline for sales success.

Course Contents

  • Sales DNA: the key to prospecting success
  • Creating a rejection-proof mindset
  • Prospecting leaks
  • The real secret to prospecting success
  • Target planning – who can we help now, and why?
  • Using prospecting tools correctly – phone, email, and LinkedIn
  • Recognising prospecting mistakes
  • Creating an ongoing flow of referrals and introductions
  • Prospecting to new and existing customers
  • Prospecting verbiage – words and questions that create engagement
  • Prospecting objections – how to discuss with confidence
  • Defined prospecting activity


  • A personal prospecting plan to increase prospecting activity and results
  • A new mindset for prospecting and removal of excuses
  • Customised scripts for getting referrals and introductions
  • Customised scripts and sales questions for the phone, email, and LinkedIn
  • Objection scripts
  • Your prospecting numbers needed for success
  • A shared commitment on agreed prospecting minimal acceptable standards between yourself and your company.
  • A clear framework for 100% personal accountability

Who should attend?

Appointment makers, call centre salespeople, sales people, sales managers, and anyone who wants to secure new business. anyone that needs to prospect, create new meetings and secure new business.

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