Plan like a SalesGuru

“Show me where you spend your time and I will show you your results.”

“My sales team’s pipeline has grown by 28% since attending the SalesGuru training. They are far more focused on the right sales activities and your time blocking works!”

Sales Director, International logistics company

Duration: 1 day

Do you feel like you are working harder than ever, but not achieving your goals? The #1 role of a salesperson is to be selling and spending their time on the defined sales activities needed to achieve the end result. Yet many salespeople lack an effective plan and direction which means very little selling time is achieved.

In this power planning training program, we show you how leading Sales Gurus plan and manage their time to achieve to achieve top performance. We look at how it all starts with the required end result and how to create individual sales roadmaps using a proven planning toolkit.

Course Contents

  • If you know what you want, you need to know how to get it
  • How strong is your sales plan and productivity – assessment
  • Why too many salespeople fail to plan
  • Identifying and removing energy leaks
  • Identifying high yield activities
  • Defining your minimal acceptable standards
  • The true value of an hour
  • Time blocking and task delegation
  • Connecting your daily results to personal efficiency
  • How to define a crisis and act on it
  • Making time to manage and review
  • Priority-led task management
  • Time leadership


  • A defined plan for sales target success
  • The daily and weekly non-negotiable activities
  • Consistent focus and productivity
  • No more excuses and no more task fatigue
  • The ability to connect the value of an hour to your sales results
  • Individual accountability
  • A time blocked diary

Who should attend?

All departments within a business who require a plan to achieve and exceed their goals, especially sales executives.

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