The Mindset of a SalesGuru

"Your greatest sales tool lies between your ears."

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing our outlook on sales today…… it was mind blowing!!!!”

Sales Manager – Recruitment Company

Duration: 1 day

The foundation of all sales performance and results starts with mindset.

 Successful salespeople have ‘success’ mindsets and winning attitudes. They believe in themselves, their products / services and see sales not as a job, but as a career.

They also have a desire and  personal drive to achieve top performance and do more than just the minimum.

 SalesGuru’s mindset program is about why sales is awesome, choices, igniting passion, removing negativity and excuses and understanding the difference between targets and goals. It’s also about taking 100% personal responsibility and accountability for one’s personal results.

Course Contents

  • People are still buying, are they buying from you?
  • The DNA of sales
  • Your belief system: in yourself, sales, your company and offerings
  • Desire and real goal setting that works
  • Sales targets and your potential  
  • Creating a rejection proof mindset
  • Exposing energy leaks
  • Getting past ‘the minimum’ disease
  • Removing excuses and the blame game
  • Who is really responsible for your success
  • Accountability and why it matters
  • Defining Minimal Acceptable Standards for high performance


  • Achieve and maintain a winning mindset
  • A proven recipe for self-development
  • 100% ownership of attitude and mindset
  • A clear understanding of belief, target and goal
  • A sales pact and commitment to self, goal and company
  • A personal mindset strategy for sales success
  • A winning sales team culture

Who should attend?

Quite simply, everyone

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