Mindset & Planning

Mindset &

Instructor Led Training

Duration: 1 day

Successful people have ‘success’ mindsets and winning attitudes. Mindset is the foundation of everything – and it’s way more than just a positive attitude. It’s about choice and passion, removing negativity and excuses, understanding the difference between targets and goals, having desire and drive. It’s also about taking 100% personal responsibility and accountability.

To achieve your goals you also need direction and focus to ensure you are spending enough time on the most important areas for sales success.

In this course, we show you how to maintain a winning mindset and plan and manage your time like a Sales Guru.

Course Contents

  • The DNA of sales
  • Your belief system
  • Desire and enthusiasm
  • Sales targets and opportunity
  • Excuses and the blame game
  • Minimal Acceptable Standards
  • Identifying and removing energy leaks
  • Identifying high yield activities
  • Time blocking and task delegation
  • Making time to manage and review
  • Priority-led task management
  • Time leadership


  • Achieve and maintain a winning mindset
  • A proven recipe for self-development
  • A clear understanding of belief, target, and goal
  • A sales pact and commitment to self, goal, and company
  • A defined personal daily and weekly structure
  • No more excuses, no more task fatigue
  • 100% ownership and accountability
  • A full diary
  • Consistent sales pipeline

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs a realistic and proven plan to meet and exceed their sales targets, achieve their personal goals and take control of their time.

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