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SA’s most supported sales seminars over the past 13 years

9th February ’23

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3 hours, 2 incredible speakers

2 new, awesome venues

Everything you need to increase your sales!

SalesGuru has for the past 13 years, three times a year, brought the largest supported Sales Live (in person and virtual) events to South Africa and several other countries.  We are thrilled to announce that we will be bringing IN PERSON LIVE February events to kick off 2023. Join SalesGuru’ s CEO Mark Keating and keynote speaker Robbie Kojetin to kick start your sales success in 2023. The SalesGuru 3-hour “BOOST YOUR SALES FOR 2023” is designed to inspire and excite your sales team with real world “how to’s to start the year strong and make 2023 your best sales year yet. This is for anyone who sells anything, regardless of company size, industry, job title, age or experience. The two key areas will focus on a 30 DAY “BOOST YOUR SALES” and INSPIRATION

Speaker 1: Siphiwe Moyo

International Keynote Speaker and Author, based in South Africa

Siphiwe Moyo is a highly-rated International Keynote Speaker and Author based in South Africa. He is an Adjunct Faculty member at GIBS, Wits Business School, Henley Business School and at the Johannesburg Business School. A seasoned HR practitioner and Organisational Behaviour specialist, he studies and teaches human behaviour within a workplace context. He is considered an expert in cultivating hope, optimism, employee motivation, resilience, employee ownership and accountability. Keynote: Bouncing Forward Evidence proves that resilience is the key to personal development and career progression. It helps us build our ability to overcome setbacks, cope with organisational change and bounce forward in life. Content to be covered:

  • Explore what resilience is and why it is essential
  • Understand the theories that support resilience
  • Look at applying the Resilience Framework
  • Practice techniques to help develop resilience
  • Explore the link between hope, optimism, self-efficacy and resilience
  • Develop authentic and sustainable happiness.

With his usual mix of sound research, practical HR experience, humour and storytelling, Siphiwe Moyo will present practical strategies to cultivate resilience and optimism to survive.

Speaker 2: Robbie Kojetin

The guy who went from a wheelchair to the summit of Mount Everest!

International speaker Robby Kojetin has forged his name as an expert in the mental wellness arena on the topics of recovery and resilience. His jaw dropping story is a journey into hell back three times, and is packed with insights on staying motivation, finding purpose and a chasing an impossible dream in an effort to create a life worth living. Forget the normal, Robby will show you how to come back stronger than ever and rewrite your idea of possible. Robby has inspired over 80 000 people across the world from the USA to China. This is a story you cannot afford to miss.

Speaker 1: Mark Keating

CEO SalesGuru



We all want greater sales success heading into 2023 and what are you going to do differently to achieve this?  With more competition, pricing sensitivity and other challenges, Mark believes your biggest competitive advantage is the mindset, activity and competence of your salespeople. Taking his 27 years personal sales experience, 17 years as CEO of SalesGuru and working with hundreds of company’s top sales performers, Mark shares several proven ways, used by sales gurus to achieve fast sales success in 30 days. You will learn new strategies and how to’s, that will help you outsell your competition, smash your sales targets and make 2023 your best ever sales year,  Content to be covered:

  • Defining your 30-day sales goal (it’s not your sales target)
  • Removing the excuses and self-limiting beliefs that sabotage your success
  • Your number one activity is filling the top of your sales funnel … period
  • Where and how to prospect quickly for fast results
  • The lost art of referral magic
  • How to unlock cross sell and up sell opportunities at existing customers
  • A proven discovery questioning framework that unlocks sales opportunities
  • Asking and getting commitments – closing
  • Your agreed minimal acceptable standards to implement and achieve your 30-day sales goal
Speaker 2: Mark Keating

CEO SalesGuru

Keynote: How to 10X your sales productivity and results All salespeople want more success yet too many struggle to ever achieve their true potential and goals. What separates a high-performing salesperson from an average salesperson? Simply, they choose to spend more time on key activities that produce more sales in less time than those that don’t. Sounds easy, yet it’s an ongoing struggle for many salespeople. If you want 2022 to be your best ever sales year, you need to 10X your daily sales productivity! Taking his 26 years personal sales experience, 16 years as CEO of SalesGuru and working with hundreds of top sales performers, Mark shares a proven personal productivity game plan used by sales gurus to achieve amazing sales success. Content to be covered:

  • The truth on what holds salespeople back from being productive
  • The key difference between “busy” and “productive” in sales
  • Removing the BS excuse: “I don’t have time”
  • Your results are a mirror of what you choose to spend your time on
  • All great success starts with a clearly defined ACTION plan – what’s yours?
  • Why your number one activity in sales is filling the top of your sales funnel… period


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  • A highly interactive full-day session with Venetia Butler, Mark Keating and other sales leaders tackling critical sales management topics
  • Coffee and snacks on arrival, catered lunch, beverages, break snacks, cocktail hour, and hors d’oeuvres
  • SalesGuru Leadership Simplified Event workbook

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