“This best training I’ve ever attended in my Sales Management career, based on the relevance of the content, the amazing trainer and that I now have the recipe to increase my sales teams success.”

Sales Manager

Sales managers are often the most underdeveloped role in sales despite the fact that their leadership has a direct impact on their team’s performance. If you want to transform the success of your sales team you need a sales management system that works.

Train one person and you’ve upskilled that person.
Train a manager and you’ve upskilled a team.

It’s critical to have a dedicated development program in place to unleash a sales manager’s potential and ensure 100% accountability and ownership of both sales force and sales manager while aligning company objectives with individual performers. However, many sales managers haven’t been exposed to a sales management system that works.

In this training program, we show you how a structured process of strong leadership, accountability, minimal acceptable standards, consequence management, recognition, and aligned objectives will drive a high-performance team.

Course Contents

  • Management audit: how your leadership impacts your team and their results
  • Identify the current status of your team members and their sales leagues
  • Effective communication and engagement
  • Define and implement minimal acceptable standards
  • One-on-one sales pact discussions
  • The difference between the target (the job) and the goal (the why)
  • How to revolutionise your meeting culture
  • The power of recognition
  • Energy leaks and time management


  • A detailed one-on-one sales pact between manager and salesperson to define minimal acceptable standards on target and goal
  • 100% accountability and ownership of both sales force and sales manager to ensure target achievement
  • Company objectives aligned with individual performers
  • Practical tools to eliminate frustrations, and maximise time, investment, and results
  • A thriving team and positive culture

Who should attend?

Anyone in a management or leadership role.

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October 17, 2024
October 18, 2024
9:00 am - 3:30 pm
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